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Three Stooges, The

Submenú para Three Stooges, The de Nintendo (NES)
Submenú para Three Stooges, The de Nintendo (NES)
Trucos de Three Stooges, The
Por PIQUIU (20-12-2006)

The Three Stooges Trivia Q & A
Q:1. Which stooge was considered the cry baby of the group?
A:1. A
Q:2. Which stooge Hated long conferences?
A:2. C
Q:3. Moe,Curly, and Shemp appear in only one film together?
A:3. C
Q:4. Which stooge liked to collect stamps?
A:4. B
Q:5. What type of dogs where Curly’s favorite?
A:5. B
Q:6. In what year did Larry stop performing as a stooge?
A:6. C
Q:7. Which stooge owned a furniture store?
A:7. C
Q:8. Which stooge like dogs?
A:8. C
Q:9. The stooges received a story credit only once was it?
A:9. B
Q:10 Which football team was used in “Three Little
A:10 B
Q:11 What is the stooges film “Men In Black” about?
A:11 B
Q:12 What was the most popular three stooges merchandise?
A:12 B
Q:13 Who was Moe married to?
A:13 C
Q:14 Which stooge loved sports?
A:14 C
Q:15 What was Larry’s first name?
A:15 B
Q:16 Which stooge was considered the leader of the group?
A:16 B
Q:17 What was Moe’s real name?
A:17 C
Q:18 In the year 1939, the stooges released how many
A:18 A
Q:19 In what year did Moe quit performing as a stooge?
A:19 C
Q:20 In the year 1935, How many short films did the stooges
A:20 C
Q:21 In what year did the stooges make their first T.V.
A:21 B
Q:22 Which stooge enjoyed making hooked rugs?
A:22 B
Q:23 Who helped Moe get his first movie role?
A:23 A
Q:24 What type of therapy was Larry give for an acid burn?
A:24 A
Q:25 Which stooge couldn’t stand being late for
A:25 A
Q:26 The stooges last film with Ted Healy was called?
A:26 B
Q:27 What was the name of the hospital in “ Men In Black”?
A:27 A
Q:28 In what city was Larry discovered by Moe?
A:28 A
Q:29 In “Men in Black” Curly first said what famous Line?
A:29 C
Q:30 Which stooge had Norman Mavrer as a son in Law?
A:30 C
Q:31 What award were the stooges nominated for?
A:31 C

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